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ABM Food Equipment is a leading Canadian restaurant supplier located in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia specializing in turning restaurant dreams into restaurant realities. ABM Food Equipment employs a team of talented and professional individuals that are passionate about everything that goes into the restaurant industry including design and proper commercial kitchen equipment and materials. Opening and successfully running a restaurant is a difficult task that requires patience, attention to the smallest details, and a good communication; these are all things that AMB Food equipment specializes in. When you choose to partner with us, we can guarantee an end result that will go beyond meeting your needs.

Our Products & Services

ABM Food Equipment’s services can be broken into two main categories, commercial kitchen equipment and kitchen contracting services.

As a top Canadian restaurant supplier, AMB Food Equipment is able to provide both current and future restaurant owners with the industry’s best pieces of commercial kitchen equipment and commercial appliances. Ovens, refrigerators, fryers, dishwashers, beverage dispensers, small kitchen wares and more are available from ABM Kitchen Equipment, making it easy to supply your restaurant with the right equipment and resources for making its grand opening a rousing success. Whether it is new or used restaurant equipment you decide on, when you get your commercial appliances and kitchen equipment from ABM Food Equipment, you can be sure it will be reliable and safe. With our help, you’ll be stocked and ready to go in no time at all!

Just as we assist in the supply of commercial kitchen appliances and equipment, we also assist in all of the stages involved in planning, designing, opening, and running a restaurant. Our restaurant construction services are exactly what you need when looking to make your restaurant dreams into a reality. Our most notable kitchen contracting services include commercial kitchen design, plumbing and gas fitting, carpentry and flooring, framing and drywall, exhaust and fire prevention, and general contracting. We are made up of a team that is highly professional and dedicated to upholding the highest standard of quality in everything they do. We believe that a good restaurant is built and run through open communication, dedication to quality, and a strong determination to achieve results; our team is the embodiment of these qualities and we invite you to experience the difference we can make for yourself.

ABM Food Equipment is located in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, which is home to a lively restaurant scene. In the city of Vancouver alone there are countless opportunities to create a unique and delicious restaurant experience, but at ABM Food Equipment we’ve taken things further by expanding our services to the rest of British Columbia as well as the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta, making us the most trusted Canadian restaurant supplier in Western Canada! Our professional team is dedicated to making Canada a more delicious place, one restaurant at a time.